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For over 7+ years, we have been blessed with love and loyalty from our customers. Our Barbeque company in Preet Vihar is now spreading its traditions and recipes of love to our various franchises. We believe that a family-style dinner setting is the best way to enjoy food, and we treat all of our staff and customers like family. Experience the magic of our Live Grill and indulge in a diverse range of dishes from around the world, including rich and aromatic North Indian, Chinese and barbeque food. Come and dine with your loved ones and savour your favourite dishes in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Join us at our best barbeque restaurantand create memories over a delicious meal.

Price per Head

Weekdays (Mon-Thu)LunchDinner
Vegetarian699 INR *849 INR *
Non Vegetarian749 INR *949 INR *
Weekends (Fri-Sun)LunchDinner
Vegetarian749 INR *899 INR *
Non Vegetarian799 INR *999 INR *

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The BBQ Company is a true barbecue restaurant where food is grilled and serve freshly straight to your plate.

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